Refuse bins and collections 

Wheeled 140L bins with a green lid are used for general waste.

Bins are the property of the householder. If there are no bins at your property you will need to purchase them. Please phone the Customer Care Team on 01403 733144 or complete the online form:

Purchase Here

If your bin is damaged or destroyed by our refuse collection vehicles at the time of collection we will deliver a replacement free of charge.

Weekly Collections

Your rubbish is collected weekly, to find out when your next and future collections are please visit out Bin Calendar page.

Your bin must be at the designated collection point for 6am on your collection day and brought back to your property as soon as possible after emptying to avoid blocking pavements or other public areas.

Please ensure that all items you put out for collection are contained within the bin as we do not collect any side waste.

Assisted Collections

Elderly, infirm or disabled residents may request an assisted collection for their refuse, recycling and garden waste bins if they are unable to move their bins to the designated collection point.

Please contact the Customer Care Team on 01403 733144 for an assisted collection application form.

West Sussex Waste Prevention

West Sussex County Council has a dedicated team of volunteers working with the county's residents to help them reduce what they throw away and reuse and recycle as much as they can. For more information please visit the website