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Contacting Environmental Management and Waste Cleansing
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Park House Fax: 215461
Park House Fax: 215412
Acorn Scheme recycling 733144
AcornPlus - new recycling scheme 739459
Bulky Household Waste Collection Service 733144
Cesspool Emptying Service 733144
Community Recycling Point Enquiries 733144
Dog Fouling and Enforcement 733144
Dog Waste Bin Emptying 733144
Dumped Rubbish and Vehicles 733144
Dumping or Fly-tipping (24 hrs) 733144
Hop Oast Depot, Worthing Road Tel: 733144
Fax: 732790
Household Recycling and Refuse Collection Service 733144
Litter Bin Emptying Service 733144
Public Conveniences 215483
Public Seats and Bus Shelters 215063
Radar Key Requests 215648
Street Cleansing and Litter 733144
Trade Waste Collection Services 733144
Waste Management, Education and Awareness 215492
Waste Management Enforcement Enquiries 733144
Waste Minimisation, Composting and Awareness 733144
Wheeled Bin and Basket Orders 733144