Current Walks Programme

Horsham Park Walk

JANUARY 2014 - MARCH 2014

Walk Timetables
The Timetable details the number of the walk, where and when the walks are taking place, the level (1-3) of the walk and the leaders contact details.

Month MS Word Files PDF Files
March  March 2014 (75kb)  March 2014 (68kb) 
April April 2014 (79kb) April 2014 (199kb)
May May 2014 (85kb) May 2014 (199kb)
June June 2014 (90kb) June 2014 (214kb)

Walk Descriptions
For details of how to get to the meeting point, the walk route and any special features of the walk, download the file for the Level of the walk you have chosen.

Walk Levels MS Word Files PDF Files
Level 1 Level 1 (44kb) Level 1 (68kb)
Level 2 Level 2 (172kb) Level 2 (126kb)
Level 3 Level 3 (118kb) Level 3 (107kb)