Setting up a pre-order system for your business

Under the current COVID restrictions we encourage all retail businesses to set up and operate a pre-order and collection system in whichever ways are practical to do so.

This enables businesses to continue to access sales opportunities even with minimal passing footfall. It also enables queuing to be minimised, helping with safe distancing of staff and customers purchasing goods or products.

What is remote ordering?

Remote ordering options include:

  • Telephone orders
  • Direct messaging using phone and social media platforms
  • Ordering through an online purchasing facility

This gives you the option to control your opening times for collections to maximise your efficiency or to offer home deliveries, again at times or within certain distances to suit you.

Communication of what you are offering is obviously vital – given that you cannot currently rely on passing footfall.

You can, of course, use your own social media, website pages and online stores and home delivery services – if you have them, to broadcast your offer.

Register with Virtual Horsham

If you are an independent business in Horsham District you can also register for a free profile on which the Council are supporting and widely promoting as being the public’s portal for local remote ordering and online purchasing.

Safety measures for walk-in customers

At or around the point of sale

Display the posters provided by our licensing team reminding people to socially distance. We suggest operating a call forward system for maximum safety.

At the point of sale – by issuing a ticket or order number verbally, asking the customer to stand away while the order is prepared - to then be called forward again only when their order is ready. If practical a separate ‘collections only’ point should be established to minimise crowding at the till point.

Floor stickers

We advise you lay down your own queue distance markers. The Council have new stock of our ‘keep your distance’ floor stickers, which are available on request. Simply email us with your business name and address and tell us how many stickers you need.

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