Community Climate Fund

Community Climate Fund

The Community Climate Fund is a grant available to local voluntary and community groups that share our vision of becoming a carbon neutral District.

Horsham District Council aims to enable local community groups and organisations to take action to reduce carbon emissions in their local communities. The fund will support new projects that will make a difference and also benefit the wider community. We also want successful applicants to spread the message on the actions they have taken to inspire others.

Our priority categories that projects must align with are:

  • Carbon Emissions – Reduce carbon emissions and other climate warming gases
  • Energy – Reduce consumption of energy and install low carbon or renewable forms of energy
  • Water – Reduce consumption of water and reduce threats from flooding
  • Waste – Minimise waste, reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Biodiversity – Increase biodiversity and wildlife in the district
  • Transport – Reduce the need to travel and increase cycling, walking and use of public transport

Other key considerations: education, wellbeing, community involvement,  and potential for positive change over the long term.

Who can apply?

The grant is intended for helping non-profit organisations deliver new projects. Typical applicants include:

  • Parish Councils
  • Village  Halls
  • Faith Groups  (if projects are inclusive)
  • Schools
  • Sports  Clubs and Centres
  • Community Organisations
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Scouts/Girl Guides

Find inspiration from successful applicants

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Conditions if you wish to apply

Your organisation must:

  • Be based in Horsham District
  • Operate as a non-profit with no undue restrictions on membership
  • Display a formal constitution or set of rules
  • Own a bank account and have audited accounts (with at least two unrelated signatories)
  • Have safeguarding  and equal opportunity policies if appropriate for your organisation

NOTE  - The Voluntary Sector Support (VSS) are happy to offer free advice and document templates.

The project must:

  • Be a new initiative
  • Provide community activities or services to Horsham District residents (at least 80% of project participants)
  • Be self-sustaining after project funding ends (e.g. maintenance of installed technology)
  • Include a commitment to inform the wider community about the project and encourage others to take action

We are not able to fund:

  • Projects that have received Community Climate Funds or the Nature Recovery Award  within the past year
  • Ongoing running costs, including maintenance associated with the project
  • Overseas travel
  • Core funding (management, admin, accountancy, audit costs and general office costs, or costs relating to fundraising, governance and compliance)
  • Communication (unless outsourced)
  • Curricular activities that take place during the school day
  • General appeals for major capital projects
  • Sponsorship of events or activities
  • Retrospective costs

For further details about the application process, please read the Community Climate Fund application guidance notes.

Application Guidance Notes

Mandatory project documents:

Required during application:

  • Evidence of two quotes for any building works
  • Evidence of two quotes for individual expenses over £1,000
  • Measurable outputs and outcomes (see guidance notes for examples)

Required after successful letter:

  • A photo of your group outside your organisation
  • A quote from you on how the funding will benefit your sustainability goals and Horsham District residents
  • Signed terms and conditions
  • An invoice (and new supplier form if required)

Conditions of funding

Once received,  organisations will then enter into a funding agreement with the council for the duration of the funding.

Funding will need to be spent within one calendar year of the award being received.  If you are unable to start your project at the agreed time, please contact a Sustainability Officer at Horsham District Council for further advice and guidance.

Horsham District Council requests that all grants are acknowledged and promoted in the local media and all marketing material must include the Horsham District Council’s logo. Horsham District Council may also require successful projects to participate in promotional photos and other public relations activities to promote the fund. Further guidance will be made available to all funded projects.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is mandatory in line with the funding agreement (provided after successful confirmation).  During the funding period we ask of evidence to clarify whether the project is likely to achieve what is set out to deliver or if adjustments are required . This involves a progress review after 6 months and  a monitoring and evaluation form after 12 months.

As appropriate the Council may visit the project and ask to see further documentation and records in support of the monitoring arrangements.

What levels of funding are available?

There are 3 levels of funding available:

  • up to £1,000
  • up to £2,500
  • up to £5,000 (requires equal match funding from the applicant)

Apply for funding

The Community Climate Fund will be open for applications on the following dates:

  • Grant opens 2 October 2023 - Closes 12 November 2023
  • Grant opens 2 January 2024 - Closes 11 February 2024
  • Grant opens 1 April 2024 - Closes  12 May 2024
  • Grant opens  1 July 2024 - Closes 11 August 2024

The online application form must be completed in one session,  please  use the draft application below to prepare your information.

Draft your application

You are strongly recommended to discuss your application before applying. Please call 01403 215156 or email

Nature Recovery Award

There is an alternative fund, Wilder Horsham District's Nature Recovery Award, available to support landowners and community groups wishing to implement practical schemes to expand and improve networks for wildlife across the Horsham District landscape.

Applicants should state clearly in their application how they think their project will contribute to a Nature Recovery Network through the District.

Find out more about the Nature Recovery Award