Top tips for reducing your plastic waste

Published: 20 Aug 2021

A selection of single-use plastic bottles and pots

Join people around the world who are reducing their plastic waste.

Top 10 tips for reducing our reliance on single-use plastics

  1. Carry a reusable bag with you for those unexpected purchases and keep one in your car.
  2. Where possible buy loose fruit and vegetables.
  3. Take a reusable cup with you when buying a takeaway hot drink.
  4. Use a lunch box instead of wrapping food in clingfilm.
  5. Find refill stores where you can take your own container to refill your household items (For example The Natural Way, opened in Horsham in 2019).
  6. Look out for plastic free cotton buds and straws.
  7. Find public water fountains / free water refill stations when you are out and about.
  8. Bar soap works just as well as bottled liquid soap but saves plastic. Look out for ones packaged in paper as this can be popped in the recycling bin.
  9. If you are preparing for an event try to avoid throw away cable ties and use reusable ones instead. These can be untied and don’t have to be cut apart.
  10. If you are going to a picnic or outside meet-up remember to bring cutlery from home. Simply wrap it in a cloth and pack it ready to go. Say goodbye to single-use plastic cutlery

Find out some more great ideas for going plastic free

Local Recycling Options

Here in the Horsham District we have an impressive track record in recycling thanks to the great work residents have done to improve their recycling. In fact we have the highest rate of recycling in West Sussex!

Through your blue top household recycling bin you can recycle a wide range of materials including all plastic bottles, plastic pots, and plastic food trays.

Find out what you can and can't put in your recycling bin.

For those plastic items that can’t be collected it's now easier to recycle through other ways. These include things like food pouches, chocolate bar wrappers, empty crisp packets, bread bags, and other plastic bags and wrapping.Sussex Green Living work with a number of charities and companies, including TerraCycle, who recycle those hard-to-recycle plastics that you cannot recycle at home.

Find your nearest drop off location in Horsham District

A number of supermarkets also now offer soft plastic recycling. Recycle Now have a Recycling Locator tool on their website to help you find your nearest participating stores.

You making a small change will collectively make a massive difference to our communities and the planet.

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