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Coronavirus: Donate to Horsham District COVID-19 Appeal

Support the Horsham District COVID-19 Appeal woman standing with a shopping bag in front of a door with another older woman.

Support the Horsham District COVID-19 Appeal

Total raised so far: £10,000

Donate to the Horsham District COVID-19 Appeal and raise funds for local community volunteer hubs who are supporting vulnerable people during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Donate by card online

You can donate by debit or credit card using the button below. Your data will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Make a donation

Donate by text

  • To give £5 by mobile, just text HUBS 5 to 70085.
  • To give £10 by mobile, just text HUBS 10 to 70085.
  • To give £20 by mobile, just text HUBS 20 to 70085.

Texts cost the donation plus one standard rate message.

If you pay tax the value of your donation will be increased if you take the Gift Aid option.

The support appeal is possible thanks to registered charity The Hub Beeding and Donorfy who provide award-winning fundraising software to non-profit organisations across the UK.

Helping local people to support local people

The Horsham District COVID-19 Appeal has brought together 22 of the 27 hubs established in response to the pandemic. The funds raised will be allocated to each hub on a weekly basis and although the criteria for all the hubs will be similar, there is no one size fits all way that they will use the funds. Each hub will have the independence and flexibility so that they can decide how the money is best spent in supporting their communities and vulnerable residents.

This flexibility is important because although each hub is facing similar challenges, the way that they approach, manage and solve these challenges are unique to their own location and situation. This helps make sure that available resources are put to the very best use for each community.

Hubs can use their proportion of the funds for a range of support, including but not limited to:

  • Supplying food and other items on behalf of someone unable to pay
  • Cover the cost of prescriptions or medication on behalf of someone unable to pay
  • Transport related to providing help at 45p/mile
  • Stationery and administrative resources in operating a volunteer community hub
  • Equipment and other measures to enable community support to be delivered
  • Buying material to make mouth coverings to government advised specifications
  • Creative projects to support local families

What are the community volunteer hubs?

The Community Volunteer Hubs have been established by local community groups, parish and neighbourhood councils, social media groups and Horsham District Council for the vulnerable of the Horsham District.

The Hubs are manned by volunteers, giving practical help such as going for shopping and medicines, and providing emotional support, with friendly phone calls for those who are isolated at home.

As Horsham Town Centre is the largest area in the District with the highest population, the Council are managing the volunteer hub for the town directly in collaboration with other voluntary and community organisations.

How your donation is processed and where it goes

Your donation is processed on behalf of the Horsham District Covid19 Community Hubs by The Hub, Beeding - registered charity number 1173420. Funds are distributed proportionately to the Community Hubs and a small number of local support organisations including Horsham Matters. The calculations for dividing the funds between the hubs is based upon size of the residential population they cover.

For full terms and conditions visit The Hub Beeding website.