Community Grant

A Community Grant is awarded to a local voluntary, community or not-for-profit organisation that contributes to the improvement of quality of life for district residents. Any grant awarded to an organisation is unlikely to exceed £500


  • The organisation must be based in Horsham District or provide activities that benefit District residents.
  • The applying organisation must be a local voluntary, community or not-for-profit organisation that is properly constituted with its own bank account.
  • Projects must not unfairly exclude individuals from participation.
  • Annual subscriptions, joining fees and session charges should be affordable to all.
  • Any grant awarded to an organisation is unlikely to exceed £500
  • Horsham District Council will not support projects that promote specific political or religious views.
  • Organisations must have a safeguarding policy for children, young people and vulnerable adults where appropriate

Assessment criteria

Higher priority will be given to applications which:

  • fit with one or more of Horsham District Council’s priorities of promoting Economic Development; Arts, Heritage and Leisure; Sustainable Communities; Environment; Safer and Healthier Communities.
  • will help bring in match funding from other external sources.
  • benefit a wide range of people in the community.
  • have the support of Horsham District Council local Ward Councillor(s) and Parish or Neighbourhood Council.

Applicants should identify the following:

  • evidence of financial need
  • evidence of need and/or support from the community
  • how the project may add to the quality of the participants’ lives.

In making offers of grants the Council may require applicants to agree to certain conditions. No organisation will receive more than one grant in a single financial year (April to March).

Horsham District Council is unable to provide general running costs, and successful applicants may not re-apply the following year.

Applicants must identify specific initiatives for which they are requesting support. Examples might include:

  • Increasing membership or participation, extending activities to new audiences and areas.
  • Providing more trained leaders or deliverers.

Applicants will need to demonstrate reasonable security of tenure for building works. Where required, applicants will need to have obtained planning or other relevant permission.

We will assess project costs to establish they are realistic and value for money. Applicants therefore must submit at least two quotations where appropriate.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a Community Grant, we recommend the following steps:

  • Contact our Grants and Funding officer on 01403 215358 or email for an initial assessment. Our team will check whether you meet the relevant criteria and whether other sources of funding have been sought
  • If you meet the criteria, return our online application form
  • Submission deadlines are:
  • 30th  April - awards made  31st May
  • 30th June -  awards made 31st July
  • 30th September - awards made  31st October
  • 31st January - awards made 28th February
  • Payment is made once we are satisfied that all terms and conditions of the grant have been met