Strategic grants

One-year funding is available to strategic organisations who deliver work across the district and that meets a number of the Council's key priorities.

We recognise the important role that community and voluntary organisations have in delivering key services to the people and communities of Horsham District.  The Council therefore runs a Strategic Grant programme aimed at ensuring these services are supported. These grants are targeted at larger organisations who can offer a range of benefits to local people across the district.

Grants can be awarded for projects and core cost for funding up to £50,000.

Application Process

  • All applicants must contact the Community Development Officer (Grants & Funding) on 01403 215358 to discuss your proposed project. This will include an initial assessment of whether the applicant meets the relevant criteria and whether other sources of funding have been sought.
  • After the initial discussion a link to the on-line form will be sent to the applicant. Applications must be completed using this on-line form. Where possible supplementary information should be sent electronically along with the application form however if this is not possible this information can be posted.
  • Strategic Grants are determined annually by the Community Grants Committee. The application process opens on Tuesday 12th October 2021 and the deadline for applications is the Tuesday 23rd November 2021, to be considered by the end of December 2021, for grants that will be awarded in the following April 2022. The Community Development Officer will confirm annual deadlines during the initial discussion. All applicants will be informed of the decision of the committee as soon as possible.
  • Payment will be made as early as possible from the beginning of April, once the Council is satisfied that all terms and conditions of the grant offer have been agreed and signed. Grants over £7,500 will be made in two instalments.
  • Recipients will be required to undergo two monitoring reviews one at the end of 6 months and one at the end of the project. Organisations will also need to produce a monitoring and evaluation report. Applicants will have to complete this review satisfactorily before further grants can be accessed.


To be considered for a Strategic Grant applicants must demonstrate that they meet at least two of the Council’s corporate priorities and two of the funding themes.

Corporate priorities

  • A great place to live
  • A thriving community
  • A strong, safe and healthy community
  • A cared for environment
  • A modern and flexible council

Funding themes

  • young people (under 25s)
  • older people (over 50s)
  • disabled people
  • mental health
  • people living in relative deprivation
  • people that are marginalised or excluded in some way including those of risk of social isolation or who have issues relating to financial exclusion
  • people involved in crime/ASB, or at risk of being involved
  • families affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • improved access to services (including Community Transport)
  • support the infrastructure of the Community and Voluntary sector, including funding advice, training, governance and volunteering.

The applicant organisation must also demonstrate:

  • How they have reconsidered their strategic objectives as a voluntary or community organisation due to Covid-19

The applicant organisation must also:

  • be a voluntary or community sector organisation
  • provide support and or deliver strategic services within the Horsham District
  • be a legal entity with an appropriate written constitution and governing body and its own bank account
  • not unfairly exclude individuals from participation.
  • not promote specific political or religious views.
  • have a safeguarding policy for children, young people and vulnerable adults where appropriate.
  • comply with the Home Office ‘Prevent’ strategy to combat Radicalisation and Terrorism

Priority will also be given to applicants that can demonstrate their project will:

  • bring in match funding from other external sources
  • deliver a number of projects across the district
  • deliver measurable outcomes
  • offers opportunities to volunteers

We need to see how financially stable your organisation is in order to continue to deliver the work that you do, we also have to ensure that organisations are using their funding wisely and not holding on to overly large reserves. This is why we need to see a copy of your current accounts. When completing the section on funding your Current Balance (Total funds) should be the total of adding up Undesignated funds, Ring fenced funds, Restricted Funds, Reserves and Other. It you need more explanation please do contact the Grants and Funding Officer.

How to apply

Before you apply, please contact our Grants and Funding team to discuss your application. Call 01403 215358 or email