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Horsham District Council’s COVID-19 Aware Scheme is a way for premises to show their customers that they meet a standard of awareness of COVID-19 infection controls. These are still challenging times, so it is important that we do all that we can to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The scheme aims to reassure members of our community that their local businesses are continuing to maintain a measured level of caution in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Members of the scheme will receive a sticker to display in their window and a signed certificate which customers can look at if they wish to find out more about the measures. They will also be added to our online register of members which the public will be able to view and search.

Sign up to the scheme

The COVID-19 Aware scheme is voluntary, and any business or premises can join by meeting the following six steps.

  1. Complete a risk assessment for the hazards from COVID-19 while you are visiting
    or working in our premises
  2. Provide suitable and sufficient ventilation wherever practicable
  3. Clean and disinfect to significantly reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 in your premises.
  4. Enable people to check in to our premises using the NHS Test and Trace QR Code
  5. Monitor staff for COVID-19 symptoms
  6. Train your employees in COVID-19 controls

For full details and guidance on each point, you can download our information pack on this page.

If you're satisfied you meet these steps, fill in our application form to request your visit.

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COVID Aware logo mark, which shows a blue tick and the Horsham District Council logo

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Check which businesses have signed up to the scheme using our simple online search tool.

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For more information please email

Download the information pack

Our information pack contains useful guidance and templates to help you improve your COVID-19 controls.

Included in the pack are a series of Word document files designed as templates that you can use. You can edit the form fields in these documents to add your own information. There are Word document templates for risk assessment, incident reporting, and cleaning schedule.

You may have your own versions of these documents already on file. If you do, you do not need to complete ours to register for the scheme. The information pack templates are for guidance and support.