About Canvass Reform

This guidance page offers further information about the Annual Canvas 2020 and Canvass Reform.

To respond to the Annual Canvass 2020 online, visit

What is Canvass Reform?

Every year, the Council is required by law to conduct an annual canvass of electors to ensure and maintain an accurate and up-to-date electoral register.

From July 2020, Canvass Reform will replace the old-style Canvass. This will mean there will be several changes to the methods we use to ensure accurate data is generated for the Electoral Register.

At the start of each canvass, properties will undergo an annual national data matching step, alongside a discretionary local data matching step. This data matching process will determine one of three possible routes which properties will go down in a chase-cycle for information.

What is Data Matching?

National Data Matching – This will involve the District’s Electoral Register being securely sent to the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) database at the beginning of July. Electors’ names and addresses will then be matched against information held by the DWP.

Local Data Matching – This will involve the District’s Electoral Register being matched against locally sourced records such as Council Tax to try and match any electors who have been unable to be matched at the national data matching stage above.

Canvas Communication (CC) Forms

You will receive one of two forms, depending on the information we hold on your property.

CCA Form

  • Sent to properties where we hold matched data
  • A response is only required if there are changes

CCB Form

  • Sent to properties which are either empty or where data is unmatched
  • A response is required
  • If you do not respond, a Canvass Form will be sent out as a reminder

What happens if I do not respond to a CCB Form and the follow-up Canvass Form?

Please respond promptly to help us save your money.  If you do not respond to the Canvass Communication B (CCB), a Canvass Form (CF) will be sent as a reminder.

If you do not respond to a Canvass Form (CF), residents in the property will receive a telephone call or email to obtain the information.

If we do not hold these contact details for anyone in the property or can get no response, a canvasser will have to visit the property to obtain the information. Please respond as soon as possible to prevent a personal visit to the property and help keep our staff and you safe at this time.

Contact us

Any residents who have any questions can contact the Electoral Services Team by telephone on 01403 215126 or 01403 215581 or by email to

Please email us where possible as we are working with limited staff cover in the offices at this present time.