Corporate Plan 2019-2023

Welcome to Horsham District Council’s Corporate Plan, which sets out our ambitions for the District for 2019-2023 and what we will do to achieve them.

Horsham District is consistently recognised as one of the best places to live in the UK and we intend to enhance that reputation.

The Plan provides a focus for our activities explaining how we will prioritise our resources and continue to deliver high quality, easily accessible and value for money services to the people living and working in our District over the next five years.

Our core priorities are set out below. For a more detailed breakdown of our aims within each priority, read the full Corporate Plan as a PDF.

A blue graphic banner with a heart on it to indicate pride in our district

1. A great place to live

We will continue to create well-balanced communities that meet residents' needs.

1.1 We will plan for communities where people can work, live and prosper. New homes will meet the needs of a full-range of households in a low-carbon world

1.2 We will provide culture, sports and leisure opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities

1.3 Both our built and natural environments are highly valued and will be well managed to keep our District an attractive place to live.

1.4 New development should sit well with the natural environment and be recognised for its quality by the local community and through industry awards.

An orange graphic with a pound sign to indicate economy

2. A thriving economy

We will work to increase economic growth and create new local jobs.

2.1 Increased economic growth making Horsham District a location of choice for business and providing local jobs.

2.2 Towns and villages are lively and welcoming.

2.3 Tourism’s contribution to the economy, employment and quality of life is maximised.

2.4 Residents have access to a wide range of local employment opportunities.

A purple banner with a graphic of two adults and a child hand in hand to indicate community

3. A strong, safe and healthy community

We will ensure Horsham District remains one of the best places in Sussex to live.

3.1 Continue to be the safest district in West Sussex.

3.2 We will increase the supply of affordable homes and reduce rough sleeping.

3.3 Residents of all ages, including those in need, enjoy improved levels of health and wellbeing.

3.4 An empowered and independent voluntary sector that has the capacity to tackle local priorities.

A green graphic banner with a tree to indicate the environment

4. A cared-for environment

We will prioritise the protection of our environment as we move to a low-carbon future.

4.1 Prioritised protection of the environment and increased biodiversity.

4.2 Improved award-winning parks and open spaces.

4.3 Minimise waste and increase re-use and recycling.

A grey graphic with three people and wire artwork to indicate people and digital technology working together

5. A modern and flexible council

We will make it easy for our residents to access the services that they need.

5.1 People and businesses can deal with us online when they choose to.

5.2 People with more complex enquiries can talk to someone to help them find solutions.

5.3 The Council continues to provide quality, value for money services that people need throughout the 2020s.

5.4 The Council attracts local people to work for us and motivates them to stay.

Read the full Corporate Plan