Private lettings service

Do you own a property to let in the Horsham District?

You could benefit from:

  • A no-fee lettings service
  • A consistent supply of suitable tenants
  • Ongoing support to both landlords and tenants throughout the tenancy

We recognise the significant role private sector landlords play in meeting housing need in the district. We have a full time Lettings Officer who has developed a service to benefit both Housing Register applicants and private landlords.

How does our Private Lettings service work?

If you are interested in securing a tenant for your property, the Council can assist with getting a property ready to let, finding a tenant and arranging the tenancy. This will include:

  • gas and electrical safety checks
  • inventories and check-in, check-out service
  • energy performance certificates
  • tenant credit checks and references
  • accompanied viewings
  • tenancy agreements
  • liaison with Housing & Council Tax Benefit Departments
  • sustainment visits
  • no management costs

For more information and to view our minimum property standards, read A guide to our private lettings service

Contact us

Our dedicated Lettings Officer Nigel Powell has over 30 years experience in the lettings business and is a private landlord himself. He joined Horsham District Council with the sole purpose of establishing what has proved to be a very successful Private Landlords Scheme. To discuss letting your property with us, call Nigel on 01403 215225.

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