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Horsham Town Centre licences

Apply for a tables and chairs licence

We issue tables and chairs licences for premises serving food and beverages in Horsham Town Centre that wish to have outdoor seating on the highway.

Tables and chairs placed on the highway are licensed under the Highways Act 1980. There are standard conditions but these may be subject to alterations once the consultation process has been completed.

This permit is for the provision of non-alcoholic beverages and food only.

If you wish tables and chairs to be used for the consumption or retail sale of alcohol, please contact the Alcohol Licensing Officer on 01403 215578.

If you run a business outside of Horsham Town Centre you can apply for a tables and chairs licence from West Sussex County Council.

The fee for a Tables and Chairs licence is £590. Before applying for a Tables and chairs licence, please read the Tables and chairs terms and conditions.

To apply for a Tables and Chairs licence, please send us:

  • A completed application form
  • A scaled site plan clearly showing the location of the tables and chairs together
  • A photograph/brochure and details of the proposed type of tables, chairs and screen
  • Your fee

All tables and chairs placed on the highway are subject to public liability insurance which at present is set at £10 million (or £5 million where a low risk scenario applies). This will be determined by the council before granting the licence. Permission to place tables and chairs on the highway will not be granted until a current insurance certificate has been seen,  It is advisable not to purchase public liability insurance until a decision on your application has been made.

Apply online

After you apply

Once your application has been received, a 28 day statutory notice is then posted on the site to inform the public and other businesses in the vicinity of your proposal. Any objections will then be taken into account. Various Departments within the Council, the Highways Authority and local Police and Fire Brigade are consulted. When all replies are received and the 28 day statutory notice has expired a decision will be taken on the granting of a permit.

Until permission has been obtained tables and chairs must not be placed on the highway outside the premises. If you have not heard from Horsham District Council within a reasonable period, please contact us.

Due to the high numbers of Tables and Chairs applications being received the Planning Department are looking to see whether such applications require Planning Permission and will be looking to develop a policy. We would advise that the granting of a licence to place tables and chairs does not imply or infer planning permission.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Licensing Department on 01403 215488.

Renew or vary your tables and chairs licence

The fee to renew your licence is £214.

There is a Variations fee of £175.