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Council advises on the use of drones

Council advises on the use of drones

03 Jan 2020

Many people, including children, may have received a drone or model aircraft for Christmas and Horsham District Council are providing advice about new legislation governing the use of drones.

From 30 November 2019, any Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), as drones and model aircraft are officially known, that weighs between 250g and 20kg must now adhere to certain restrictions. Owners of all ages must show they are capable of flying the aircraft safely by passing a theory test in order to gain an Operator ID.

There are strict rules for flying a drone including keeping them at least 50m away from people and properties, always keeping the drone in sight, keeping away from aircraft and airports and adhering to privacy laws if the drone has a camera. Failure to keep to these rules could result in a hefty fine.

Full details can be found on the Horsham District Council website here.