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Local Plan Update 2021

The Council is in the process of preparing the next stage in its Local Plan called a Regulation 19 document.  Once agreed, this document will be published for a formal ‘period of representation’ where comments can be made on the Council’s proposals.

In advance of the publication of this document, the Council has taken the opportunity to seek some advice on the Local Plan preparation process.  The advice that was provided to the Council has not identified any significant omissions in terms of the matters that the plan is seeking to address.   We were however made aware of new requirements about the timing of work with organisations such as Highways England, Natural England and other authorities, which need to be concluded as far as possible before the publication of our Regulation 19 document.  Whilst this work is ongoing, it does mean we need more time to conclude these discussions before consultation can commence.

This means that the timetable for the Plan will have to change by a few weeks. The revised timescale will be finalised once we have a clearer picture of how long the additional work will take.  However it is currently envisaged that the Regulation 19 document will be published in the Summer of 2021.  See our revised Local Plan timetable here.

The Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan Consultation is now closed. Thank you to the thousands of people who have submitted their comments. An interim report on the findings of the consultation is now online. Read the Interim Report here.

See the Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan Consultation page for more details. Comments received are being made public online here.
We will now be consolidating these findings, alongside evidence based documents, as we continue our preparations for the next stage of the Local Plan.

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