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We organise regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars and training updates for local agents, architects, engineers and contractors.

These are very well attended because they keep local professionals up to date with the latest techniques and innovations within the building industry and keep them informed of changes to the building regulations. CPD certificates are issued following each session.

The presentations last about an hour and are designed to increase understanding of a particular subject. Our in-person CPD events are generally preceded by a light buffet lunch where delegates have the opportunity to network with the Sussex Building Control team and like-minded professionals.

Upcoming Continuing Professional Development Seminars 2022


Prepare for the changes in the Building Regulations - to Parts L & F and a new Part O for overheating

Friday 29 April 2022 - Main Conference Room, Parkside, Chartway, Horsham

12 noon to 1.30pm- including refreshments and a light buffet

Tom Reynolds from MES will be providing a dedicated CPD seminar to help you prepare for the introduction of these new regulations. These are all due to come into force on 15th June 2022 – although there will be a transitional period.

The main highlights are:

* 31% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for new-build dwellings (compared to Part L 2013)

* 27% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for new-build commercial buildings (compared to Part L 2013)

* Introduction of Primary Energy targets for all new-build buildings (both dwellings and commercial)

* Tightening of the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES) for new-build dwellings

* Introduction of a new Part O and associated Approved Document for mitigating overheating risk in residential buildings

* Significant uplift of fabric standards relating to work in existing residential buildings or conversions

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