Climate and environment

We are committed to tackling climate change

On these pages you will find details of our key project areas dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment. There are also some top tips to help you make a start and even save on your bills too!

Check out our progress below and find out how you too can make simple changes to make a big difference.


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Reducing the Council's carbon emissions

We are committed to taking practical steps to tackle climate change. See how we are progressing on delivering our targets to become a carbon neutral council.

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Climate Change Action Strategy

We now have a draft Climate Change Action Strategy, which outlines the work that the Council, its key partners, and the wider community will need to take towards becoming a carbon neutral and climate resilient District.

Wilder Horsham District

Wilder Horsham District

The Council has initiated a unique and innovative five year partnership with the Sussex Wildlife Trust. The project aims to deliver a Horsham District Nature Recovery Network to help wildlife thrive, and to support local communities to improve their local natural environment. A Nature Recovery Fund has been set up to support this project.

Community Climate Fund

The Community Climate Fund

Community action is an important part of reducing carbon emissions across the District. We have launched a Community Climate Fund to support community projects that reduce carbon emissions and improve the physical environment in a way that also benefits the wider community.

Climate and environment news

Find project updates and inspirational ideas in our dedicated climate news section.

Get involved: Top tips, advice and support for residents

Our latest news and top tips are kept regularly updated in our Climate Action blog posts so do keep an eye on this in the News section above.

We have also added this extra section to offer you some general ideas on how to:

  • reduce your carbon footprint,
  • save energy,
  • help protect the environment and reduce biodiversity loss,
  • and maybe even save yourself some money too.

Read our top tips and ideas pages