Annual Canvass 2023

The Annual Canvass is a process each local authority goes through every year to update the Electoral Register. Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) are legally required to keep the register of eligible voters up to date.

From July 2023, we will contact every household in the District to find out if the details on the electoral register are correct. The type of contact you receive depends on the information we hold for the property.

We may contact you by email, telephone or post.

Emails from the Electoral Registration Officer will only be sent from the address:
You must reply if you are asked to do so.

Respond to the Annual Canvass online

You will be sent a letter or email that looks like the example shown on this page.

The law says you must respond to the annual canvass if you are asked to do so. The fastest way to respond is online. Complete the following steps:

  • Click the link in the email or the button below to visit the Household Response website (
  • The communication you receive contains two security codes. Enter both codes on the website to access your household details.
  • Make any necessary changes and click Submit

We will send reminders to any households where we do not receive a response. We encourage everyone who must respond to do so as quickly as possible. Only one response per household is required.

By completing the registration process, you will ensure that you are entitled to vote in all upcoming elections.

Respond online

Email example sent from Annual Canvass
Email example sent from Annual Canvass

Respond by telephone or text

To respond by telephone or text, follow the instructions on the form you receive. Depending on the data we hold for your property and whether you need to make changes, the telephone response will differ.

If you have any queries, or need assistance, please email or call 01403 215 126.

Why should I respond to the Annual Canvass?

The law says that you must respond to the annual electoral canvass, if you are asked to do so.

If you do not reply, it will affect your right to vote, and it may also affect your ability to open a bank account, get credit, a loan or a mortgage as the full register is checked by authorised credit agencies.

Do not register only when you need a mortgage or finance – due to statutory processes and timings that we must adhere to by law it can take several weeks before your entry is visible to credit agencies.

Don't delay - You can save time and expense to the taxpayer and avoid receiving reminders and personal visits by responding to the canvass form promptly after you have received it.