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A happy and glorious weekend

Save the date for a Happy and Glorious weekend of Coronation celebrations

A weekend of free special events are planned to celebrate the Coronation

Published: 29 Mar 2023

Two houses wrapped in a scarf

Energy savings for Horsham District residents in rural areas

There's a new government scheme to improve the energy efficiency of vulnerable and low-income homes that do not have gas central heating.

Published: 24 Mar 2023

Pioneering coffee pod recycling service

Council reaffirms number one target on Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day this year falls on Saturday 18 March and Horsham District Council is marking the 2023 event by embracing this year’s theme of ‘Creative Innovation’.

Published: 17 Mar 2023

Kayakers on the lake at Southwater Country Park

Initial findings from the 'Your Southwater Country Park' survey

Public feedback from a recent survey called ‘Your Southwater Country Park’, regarding facilities at Southwater Country Park is currently being analysed.

Published: 17 Mar 2023

Silvertip films

New grant funding available to small Horsham based businesses

A new round of LEAP small business grant funding for local Horsham District small businesses opens on Monday 3 April.

Published: 17 Mar 2023

A group of adults and children plant a tree in the sunshine

Funds available to boost volunteering as part of coronation celebrations

The Big Help Out aims to highlight all the great work that charities and community groups do.

Published: 16 Mar 2023

Planting the coronation tree

Tree planted to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III

Horsham District Council has planted a Common Lime tree (Tilia europaea) to mark the coronation of King Charles III this May.

Published: 14 Mar 2023

Cllr Roger Noel, Parks and Countryside staff an idverde contractors posing next to the new shepard

New shepherd tends the flock at The Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park

We are delighted to unveil a new wooden shepherd to look after the flock of carved sheep at The Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park.

Published: 14 Mar 2023

Restored pond to improve biodiversity

Council to consider Climate Change Action Strategy

At a meeting of Horsham District Council Cabinet on 23 March, councillors will look to approve the Horsham District’s Draft Climate Change Action Strategy.

Published: 14 Mar 2023

Commonwealth Flag flying at Park House

Council raises the flag for Commonwealth Day 2023

Horsham District Council is marking Commonwealth Day this year on Monday 13 March by raising the Commonwealth flag at Park House in Horsham.

Published: 13 Mar 2023

A no-mow meadow

Creating a more biodiverse Horsham District

Horsham District Council, in conjunction with Sussex Wildlife Trust, is embracing a 'no mow' principle in areas of selected parks and open spaces.

Published: 09 Mar 2023

Large group of attendees at the tree planting at Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting at Warnham Local Nature Reserve

A Common Walnut Tree was planted at Warnham Local Nature Reserve as part of the Queen's Green Canopy.

Published: 09 Mar 2023

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