Procurement and contracts

Procurement is the process we use to acquire the goods and services we need to serve our communities. We try to secure the best value from our contracts while supporting quality and innovation.

We apply these principles whether we are buying the provision of an entire service or simple low value commodity items. We want to reduce bureaucratic burden wherever we can, but we have a number of national and European regulations that we have to follow when we buy goods and services.

We need to demonstrate that our procurement processes give equal opportunities to all bidders, regardless of their size or location. We need to apply procedures that can be measured, scrutinised and inevitably, involves a degree of paperwork.

Our Procurement team covers Horsham, Crawley and Mid Sussex.

  • Jo Newton-Smith, Procurement Manager
  • Becca Williams, Procurement Officer
  • Stephen Bottomley, Procurement Officer
  • Maryurin Santander Pena, Procurement Graduate Project Officer
  • Jake Fisher, Procurement Project Support Officer

To talk to the team, email or call us on 01403 215299.

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