Climate Action Strategy

The Climate Action Strategy outlines a recommended pathway to become a net zero and climate resilient District by 2050. It details the actions that residents, the wider community, Horsham District Council, and its partners will need to take to achieve this.

The topics we have highlighted, to explore how climate issues will be tackled, are categorised into two sections: enablers and systems. If you’re interested in finding out more, a detailed Strategy document is also available.


The Strategy works to deliver sustained climate action, by implementing policies, projects, and structures that will build capacity, relationships, and momentum. These elements are collectively referred to as “enablers” within the strategy. The strategy identifies four key enabler topics: governance, policy and planning, finance, and education and behaviour change. These enablers will facilitate the delivery of system-led interventions.


The Strategy works to deliver urgent and direct impact, by prioritising specific actions that will make large carbon savings and bolster climate resilience, accelerating climate action – labelled in the strategy as “systems”. The five system topics include buildings, transport, energy, waste, and land use and water. These system-led interventions target Horsham District’s carbon hotspots or enhance existing carbon sinks.