Save money on your energy bills

Saving energy is good for the planet and good for your pocket. Reducing energy use at home cuts carbon emissions, the main contributor to climate change, and reduces your fuel bill. See below for a range of schemes and grants to help you achieve your energy saving goals:

  1. Warmer Homes grant funding
  2. Apply for free home energy saving advice
  3. Are you eligible for a Warm Homes Discount?
  4. Retrofitting advice
  5. Solar Together: How to purchase high quality solar panels at a competitive price
  6. Small changes, big savings: Quick tips to save home energy and cut your bills

1. Warmer Homes grant funding

Are you looking at ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home so you can reduce your energy bills? We are delighted to be able to launch a new grant funded scheme for domestic energy efficiency improvement which will be known as Warmer Homes.

Grant funding is available to homeowners if your household income level is below £30,000 or are on specific means tested benefits, and your home has a Energy Performance Rating of E, F or G. You can check your rating on the national register. Some D rated properties may also qualify. Tenants who rent from a private landlord may also be eligible,  but your landlord will be  expected to contribute to the cost.

Fully funded measures available include: cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, underfloor insulation, air source heat pumps and solar panels.

The amount of funding available is determined by how your home is heated, but could be up to £25,000.

Please visit Warmer Homes for further information including how to apply.

The Warmer Homes programme is funded by the Government's Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (LAD) and Home Upgrade Grant (HUG). The programme is expected to be available until March 2023, subject to funding and is available on a first come first serve basis.

2. Apply for free energy saving advice

If you're struggling to pay your heating bills, or worried about how you might pay them whilst keeping warm, help is available.

  1. West Sussex Citizens Advice have a dedicated Energy Advice Line, and their advisers can be contacted on 01293 974063.
  2. West Sussex Energy is a great website full of hints and tips on heating your home and saving energy.  Visit the West Sussex Energy website
  3. The Environment Centre is an independent charity that aims to reduce carbon emissions, encourage sustainability, improve air quality and provide affordable warmth. It has a freephone service that gives advice on saving energy and the steps that can be taken to increase the efficiency of your home. Calling the advice line on 0800 804 8601 or visit The Environment Centre website.
  4. The Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP) offers a free energy advice to eligible people. If you're on a low income or have a long term health condition you could qualify.

3. Warm Homes Discount

The Warm Home Discount is £140 credit applied to your electricity bill. If you are receiving pension credit you will receive the Warm Home Discount automatically. You can also apply to your energy company if you are on a low income, or struggle to pay your energy bills and ask if you are eligible. Park Home (mobile home) residents who buy their electricity from a site owner can also apply for the Warm Home Discount by visiting Charis

This discount is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Find out about the Warm Homes Discount, including eligibility and how to apply, visit

Winter Payment to help your energy bills

4. Retrofitting Advice

For  householders wanting to retrofit Carbon saving Technologies, Visit Simple Energy Advice as great starting point.

You may also find these pre recorded webinars useful:

  • Home retrofit: heating and powering your home
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Retrofit
  • Home retrofit: where to start with insulating and ventilating your home

Watch the recorded webinars

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is expected to be live from 23 May 2022. The scheme offers funding  for householders wishing to  upgrade their heating  system to a  low carbon alternative including air source heat pumps,  ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Conditions apply and further information is  available.

5. Solar Together

The September 2021 scheme has now closed for registrations. Further details and future registrations will be available on the Solar Together website later this year.

Would you like to install solar panels on your home? Horsham District Council is teaming up with councils across Sussex and group-buying experts, iChoose, as part of 'Solar Together Sussex'.  This is a new scheme, which offers homeowners the opportunity to purchase high quality solar panels at a competitive price.

6. Small changes, big savings

Make these small changes to save energy and cut your bills.

  • Close the curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping
  • Draught proof windows and doors, but avoid blocking air bricks and ventilation points
  • Switch off lights if you’re the last one out
  • Avoid leaving appliances on standby, and turn off chargers when not in use
  • Only boil as much water as you need (but remember to cover the elements of electric kettles)
  • Fill up washing machines and dishwashers and avoid half loads when you can
  • Washing lines and airers are cheaper than tumble driers. If drying clothes inside, open a window (even if for a short while) to let the moisture out
  • If you feel too warm, try turning your thermostat down by 1°C rather than opening window. Please don't let yourself be cold, it is harmful to your health.

National Energy Action has a great website full of hints and tips on saving energy and avoiding damp and condensation.