Cemeteries and burials

We run and maintain three cemeteries. To find out more on each cemetery please click on the appropriate cemetery below.

We are committed to:

  • Providing you with a caring and efficient service
  • Improving our service by listening to your views
  • Ensuring that friendly and trained staff are available to help and advise
  • Ensuring our cemeteries are attractive, safe and well maintained
  • Assisting your chosen funeral director to provide a high quality service

Contact us

Your views do count and we welcome any feedback. A feedback form can be obtained from Hills Cemetery Office or our offices where your comments will be carefully considered.

Burial service fees (as of April 2023)

Purchase of exclusive right of burial

  • Exclusive right of burial: £1,471
  • Additional charge for siting plot in Row 1 by path: £229
  • Additional charge for siting plot in Row 2 by path: £110
  • Exclusive right of cremated remains: £831.50
  • Additional charge for siting plot in Row 1 by path: £127
  • Additional charge for siting plot in Row 2 by path: £66


  • Adult (over 16): £710
  • Child (under 16): Free
  • A stillborn child: Free
  • Cremated remains, adult (over 16): £247.50
  • Cremated remains, child (under 16): Free
  • Cremated remains, scattering of ashes: £71.50

Memorial placement permits

Headstones and tablets

  • Headstone up to 122cm (4 feet) in height: £220
  • Tablet, maximum 45x45cm (18x18"): £220
  • Each additional inscription: £115.50


  • Grave plot, maximum 183x76cm (6 feet by 2 feet 6): £1,100
  • Ashes plot, maximum 91.5x61cm (3 feet by 2 feet): £797.50

Additional charges

  • Memorial garden rose bush: £324.50
  • Additional charge per hour, or part thereof, payable for any interments commencing outside the hours of 9am-3pm: £117.50
    Transfer of exclusive rights of burial deed £100
  • Extension to exclusive rights of burial / cremated remains plot (50 years) £150

The Chapel

The Chapel is operated by Freeman Brothers Funeral Directors on behalf of Horsham District Council. Visit the Freeman Brothers website to discuss the hire of the Chapel. The meeting room within the Chapel complex is currently undergoing refurbishment and, unfortunately, is not able to be hired at present.

Cemetery rules and regulations

All Local Authority managed cemeteries are subject to standards and conditions known as Cemetery Rules and Regulations.  These are designed to inform all Cemetery users the aspects of the management of the cemeteries and the reasonable requirements applicable to them.

Read the cemetery rules and regulations

Contact the Ceremonies team

For enquiries please email cemeteries@horsham.gov.uk or call the Cemetery Manager at Hills Cemetery on 01403 253 191


There are no crematoria in Horsham District. There are three in West Sussex: