Blackbridge Community Centre: Conditions of hire

Hire charges from 1 March 2022

Prices are per hour and include VAT.

Main Hall

  • Private/commercial event: £35 per hour
  • Community/charity event: £17.50 per hour

Upstairs Hall

  • Private/commercial event: £25 per hour
  • Community/charity event: £12.50

Additional fees

  • Large scale bookings (more than 4 hours’ duration) may be subject to a commercial charge to be agreed at the discretion of the Council.
  • An additional charge may be applied for the setting up of seating, technical equipment etc. The charge to be at the discretion of the Council.
  • The fee payable in respect of any lettings shall be the fee in force at the date that the premises are occupied by the hirer.


Blackbridge Community Centre is available for use between the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday                                8 am - 11.00 pm
  • Saturday                                            8 am - 12.00 pm
  • Sundays & Bank Holidays               10 am - 10.00pm

Apply to hire Blackbridge Community Centre

  • All applications for the hire of The Drill Hall are to be made by contacting
  • The applications shall state the purpose for which the premises are required.
  • The person who submits the form will be deemed to be the hirer.
  • The kitchen is available for use with both halls.  Please specify this when making a booking.

Admission limits

The maximum number of persons to be admitted to functions taking place in Blackbridge Community Centre shall not exceed the following numbers:

  • 60 people as a closely seated audience in the main hall
  • 30 people as a closely seated audience in the secondary hall


Cancellation of Letting by Hirer

No charge will be made for a hiring which is cancelled by the hirer if notification of the cancellation is received in writing more than one month before the date of the hiring, otherwise half the normal minimum booking fee will be charged. The Council may, in exceptional circumstances, and at their sole discretion, waive or modify this Regulation.

Cancellation of Letting by Council

No lettings will be permitted if the proposed use is considered by the Council to be illegal, objectionable or undesirable, or if, in the opinion of the Council, it could reasonably be anticipated that damage might be caused to the buildings or their contents by the proposed use either directly or indirectly.

The Council reserve the right to cancel any lettings at any time should it require to use Blackbridge Community Centre. In this eventuality the Council shall not be liable to pay any compensation to any person in respect of the cancellation of the letting.

Access and Right of Entry

  • The hirer will comply with arrangements for access required by the Council. The premises should be vacated as advised.
  • Duly authorised Members and Officers of the Council shall have the right of entry at all times to all parts of the hall and rooms let therewith.

Conduct of Patrons

The hirer shall be responsible for the proper conduct of persons using Blackbridge Community Centre. In the event of any person acting in such a manner to cause annoyance or inconvenience to other persons, the hirer shall take all necessary steps to deal with the offender.


No decorations, flags, emblems etc. will be permitted without the consent of the Council.

Bouncy castles

Bouncy castles are not permitted in Blackbridge Community Centre.

Damage to Premises

The hirer is responsible for keeping the premises clean and tidy throughout the hire.

The hirer shall not, without the consent of the Council, remove any of the furniture in the hired premises and shall not drive any nail, screw or other fastening into the walls, floor or furniture.

Should any damage be done to the building, furniture, fittings or apparatus, the expense of making good the same must be paid by the hirer. The Council shall be the sole judge of the damage done and the amount thereof. Any property owned by the Council lost or missing from any of the rooms during or in connection with any engagement must be paid for by the hirer. A guarantee or security against loss will be demanded, if necessary, in the opinion of the Council.

Noise Limit

The hirer shall not perform excessively loud music acts within the hall. If loud entertainment is being played, all windows and doors must be kept closed whilst the entertainment is in progress.

Electrical Fittings

No electrical or other fittings or appliances in The Drill Hall must be altered, removed or in any way interfered with or additional fittings or appliances installed in connection with any function, without the approval of the Council first being obtained.

Electrical Safety

Hirers, Contractors and others are responsible for compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Only those items of portable electrical equipment which have been currently certified (PAT tested) as being safe for use, or have been recently acquired as new or reconditioned equipment and provided as tested and certified by the vendor are permitted to be used on Council property. Users of portable electrical appliances should visually inspect them prior to connecting them to the power supply, report any defects and ensure that defective equipment is not used.

Fire Regulations

It is the responsibility of the person hiring Blackbridge Community Centre to ensure the displayed fire regulations have been read and understood. It is also this person’s responsibility to ensure all persons connected with the hire have been advised of the fire regulations and to take necessary action in the event of a fire or fire alarm sounding. If the hirer is not present at the time of the hire, an attending representative should be nominated who will ensure all required regulations are followed. At no time should any signed Fire Exit be blocked in any way.


No cinematographic or projecting apparatus shall be used without the previous approval of the Council.

Loss of Property

The Council will not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to, or loss of, property, articles or things whatsoever, placed or left upon the premises by the hirer.

Sale of Refreshments

No person shall sell or provide food and drink without prior permission from the Council and they will be required to observe such reasonable instructions as may be given to them on behalf of the Council. They will be required to remove and clear away all their articles by the end of the session.

Sales of Alcohol

The sale of alcohol on site is not permitted.

No alcohol may be consumed without prior permission from the Council.

Persons in the Council’s Employ

No person in the employ of the Council will be allowed to supply, or be interested in, the supply of refreshments of any kind to the hirer or to any person using any of the hired rooms, or be otherwise employed for gain without the consent of the Council previously obtained.

Sale of Programmes

The hirer shall have the sole right of selling or permitting the sale of programmes.

Provision of Security

The hirer may be required to provide and pay for such number of Licensed Security as the Council may consider necessary for the proper conduct of the function for which the hiring is made, the regulation of the traffic in connection therewith, or the protection of the Council’s property.


The hirer shall not assign or sub-let any interest he may have in the hire of the hall, without the previous consent in writing of the Council.


The hirer shall indemnify the Council against all claims, demands, action or proceedings in respect of the default or injury howsoever or by whomsoever caused by or to any person which shall occur while such person is in or upon any part of Blackbridge Community Centre, or arise from any accident or occurrence which shall occur while such person is in or upon any part of Blackbridge Community Centre, or in respect of any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person in consequence of any such default or injury, except for negligence by the Council or its employees.


Horsham District Council’s insurance policy provides third party liability cover for non-commercial ventures only.  Organisations hiring the hall for

  1. meetings organised by political parties
  2. the furtherance of business or commercial practice

will be required to take out third party insurance in their own right. Written evidence of this must be provided prior to commencement of hire. This is without prejudice to the hirer’s obligation to indemnify the Council for any default or injury caused to any person occurring which such person is in or upon part of Blackbridge Community Centre.

The hirer shall not use Blackbridge Community Centre or any part thereof for the performance of any musical or dramatic works or for the delivery in public of any lecture, in which copyright exists, without the consent of the owner of the said copyright, or in any other manner infringing existing copyright. The hirer shall indemnify the Council against all sums of money that the Council have to pay by reason of any infringement of copyright occurring the period of hire covered by this agreement.


Any complaint with regard to the management and control of the premises must be made in writing to The Facility Manager or by telephone to 01403 215100.

Variation of the Conditions

The Council reserve the right at any time to vary or add to any of these conditions either generally or in respect of any particular letting or grant of lettings.


Horsham Council has a responsibility to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation; prevent people being drawn into terrorism; advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different groups so will not hire Blackbridge Community Centre to anyone or organisation in conflict with those aims.

The Council will not hire premises for purposes that conflict with its policies on Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Counter Terrorism and Security and / or that are in breach of the Equality Act 2010, Children Act 2004, Human Rights Act 1998, Care Act 2014 and the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015. This legislation will also be taken into account when considering whether to accept a booking.

The Council also reserves the right to not hire premises to people or organisations whose views and / or conduct are not in accordance with the Public Sector Equality duty to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Prevent people being drawn into terrorism
  • Advance equality of opportunity between different groups
  • Foster good relations between different groups

The Council will not hire premises for purposes that are likely to cause offence to public taste and decency, except where the possible offence is balanced or outweighed by other factors (e.g. freedom of expression or artistic merit). This will ultimately be determined by the Head of Service who will make a determination as to whether to hire the premises on a case by case basis.

The Council will report individuals and / or organisations to the Police if it is believed that they may have committed a public order or incitement to hatred offence (or any other criminal offence) on Council premises.

When hiring the premises, the Council expects the hirer to observe exemplary standards of behaviour and conduct with regard to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The hirer is responsible for being fully aware of issues concerning the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. Any possible risks involved in proposed activities must be considered by the hirer and appropriate action must be taken to protect everyone involved. The Council reserves the right to cancel any bookings where the safeguarding conditions within its safeguarding policy are not adhered to.