COVID-19 Information Officers

Our COVID-19 Information Officers are here to provide a recognisable and reassuring presence out and about in Horsham District as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease.

They are a friendly point of contact for reporting concerns, and are trained to offer advice and support to business owners, community groups and members of the public. While not an enforcement role, they play an important part in gathering information of possible contraventions of existing legislation.

Day-to-day, our COVID-19 information officers:

  • observe high street retail and leisure facilities, commercial areas and public spaces for compliance with existing legislation on the control of infectious disease, with particular attention to the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974
  • provide guidance on best practice for the control of COVID-19
  • provide information to residents and guidance to businesses, leisure facilities and sports events
  • gather information of possible contraventions on existing regulations
  • work with and are guided by Environmental Health Infectious Disease Control Officers
  • assist businesses with setting up and running Covid-safe environments

Contact the team

We have three COVID-19 Information Officers. Look out for them when you're out in Horsham District, or get in touch with them by phone.

    • Dhruv Amir: 07920 596346
    • Ian Dewar: 07789 111737
    • Trudy Elkin: 07789 034765
Covid-19 Information Officers Trudy Elkin, Ian Dewar and Dhruv Amin patrolling Horsham