Arrangements for disabled voters at polling stations

As many polling stations as possible are wheelchair accessible, and there are special booths to ensure privacy of voting. At least one booth will having a writing surface at a suitable level for a wheelchair.

In those few polling stations with no wheelchair access, the Presiding Officer will offer assistance to the voter to enter the station, or will be authorised to bring a ballot paper out to that person to ensure that they can fill it in. This ballot paper will then be folded and delivered to the ballot box by the Presiding Officer.

People with mobility issues might also wish to apply for a postal vote.

Support for visually impaired voters

Visitors with limited vision have a number of options.

They can be accompanied into the booth by a companion or the Presiding Officer – this person will read out the ballot paper and you will tell them where to make the voting mark. The accompanying person will be required to sign a declaration to indicate that they have recorded the vote truly and faithfully.

There is also a Braille option. The Presiding Officer will read out the list of candidates to you, and you will then be guided to a booth. A strip of plastic imprinted with Braille numbers, large type and flexible tabs is attached to the ballot paper so that the numbers line up with the candidate's names. If the person wishes to vote for the third candidate on the list, then they pull back the third tab on strip and make their mark directly underneath it. The paper is then folded and placed into the ballot box by the voter as normal. This device can also be used for anyone with difficulty keeping their cross in the square intended.

Each polling station will have a small magnifier to enable voters to enlarge the print of the paper. This is particularly useful for anyone who has forgotten their reading glasses.

A large print version of the ballot paper will also be available at the polling station.

Disabled access to polling stations by parish

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  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible toilet
  • Level access to the building
  • Lighting and Visibility
  • Induction Loop