Re-using our data

Information that is published under the 'Open Data and Transparency' agenda on this site is immediately available for you to use under version 3 of the government's Open Government Licence.  No registration is necessary - although if you do something with the data that you think others would be interested in please let us know and we may publish a link to it.

Under the Open Government Licence you are free to:

  • copy, publish, distribute and transmit the Information
  • adapt the Information;
  • exploit the Information commercially and non-commercially for example, by combining it with other Information, or by including it in your own product or application.

The Open Government Licence does not cover:

  • personal data in the Information
  • information that has neither been published nor disclosed under information access legislation (including the Freedom of Information Acts for the UK and Scotland) by or with the consent of the Information Provider
  • departmental or public sector organisation logos, crests and the Royal Arms except where they form an integral part of a document or dataset
  • military insignia
  • third party rights the Information Provider is not authorised to license
  • other intellectual property rights, including patents, trade marks, and design rights
  • identity documents such as the British Passport

You must acknowledge the source of the Information by including any attribution statement specified by the Information Provider(s) and, where possible, provide a link to the licence. If you fail to comply with them the rights granted to you under this licence, or any similar licence granted by the Licensor, will end automatically. More information is available from the National Archives

Re-use of other content

You can apply to reuse text and images from this website or from other Horsham District Council publications.

You may download the material featured in this website or use the content from any Council publication, for non-commercial research, private study or for news reporting and reviews. You will need a licence from us for any other form of re use (for example, posting material on a website or distributing printed copies at a meeting).

To get a licence, first read the Terms of our standard licence and then fill in our online application form. After you have submitted the form you will receive a reference number for your application.

You should receive a reply within twenty working days confirming your licence or telling you if there is a problem (if for example, we do not own the copyright on some of the information).

A charge may apply for the re use of some Council information, where this is the case you will be notified.

Read the Regulations on re-use of public sector information

Apply for a licence to re-use our information