Damp and Mould

Condensation and mould growth result from everyday living, but can be caused, or made worse, by defects in the home.  Dampness and mould growth can be hard to deal with, especially during the winter months, and it is not unusual for properties to show signs of condensation and mould. This is made worse as the weather gets colder.


Condensation is a very common form of damp, where moisture generated through everyday living condenses on cold surfaces.  Mould often then grows where the moisture has settled.  For advice on dealing with condensation and mould please visit our page Tips To  Beat Condensation.

Shelter have much more detail about how to deal with, and prevent, mould growth in your home.

Damp And Mould Advice

Other forms of damp include:

Penetrating damp

Where damp penetrates through the walls or ceiling of the building, or from a leaking pipe, and can usually be seen as an area of 'wet' staining on the wall or ceiling.

Rising damp

Where there is a failure in the damp proof course and moisture rises through the building from the ground. This will only affect the ground floor as moisture cannot rise above 1 metre and will show as a 'tide' mark.

Help with Damp and Mould in Horsham District

If you have problems with dampness, you must report this to your landlord and give them a reasonable time to respond. If you need advice or your landlord has failed to take action over problems reported to them by you, please contact us and we will respond within 3 working days.  After talking to you one of our team will visit and provide advice as soon as we can.  If there is insufficient or no fixed heating in your home, or your property lacks insulation, ventilation, or there is poor repair, these can all make condensation more likely and more severe.

Conditions such as these should be reported to the Private Sector Housing team: please email ehl@horsham.gov.uk or call 01403 215641.

For help with improving insulation, other offers and energy saving advice please see our page Save money on your energy bills.