Public health funerals arranged by Horsham District Council

The table below is updated every 14 days and includes basic details of public health funerals Horsham District Council have assisted with.

The table is organised in order of date of death, starting with the earliest date of death in 2018.

Name Date of birth Date of death Place of death Next of kin Referred to Treasury Solicitor
Joan Foster 02/05/1919 14/02/2018 Horsham Y N
Ivan Gillibrand 01/09/1942 12/03/2018 Horsham Y N
Marjorie Begbie Not known 24/03/2018 Steyning N N
Graham Binding 11/03/2018 08/04/2018 Horsham Y N
Desmond Fox 11/01/1939 11/05/2018 Horsham N N
Mark Wood 25/02/1971 24/09/2018 Billingshurst Y N
Igraine Hamilton 26/11/1920 06/12/2018 Storrington N N
Roger Ward 21/11/1948 09/02/2019 Horsham N N
Stuart Brogdale 16/01/1947 25/04/2019 Horsham N N
Cyril Johnson 18/09/1941 18/07/2019 Horsham N N
Victor Turrell 18/11/1934 18/07/2019 Slinfold Y N
Brian Kelso 27/02/1954 05/12/2019 Horsham Y N
Charles Harland 31/03/1927 10/01/2020 Horsham Y N
Michael Wiseman 18/09/1944 17/03/2020 Horsham Y N
Kevin Bostock 22/11/1944 28/03/2020 Horsham Y N
Allan Purkis 21/05/1954 22/04/2020 Horsham Y N
Frank Carlin 08/09/1945 01/05/2020 Horsham Y N
Peter Lewis 23/11/1954 20/05/2020 Horsham Y N

Section 31 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Law Enforcement (prevention and detection of crime). Revealing details of the assets of an estate before the Treasury Solicitor has undertaken their own enquiries would provide an opportunity for criminal acts to be committed (for example, theft or fraud). Similarly, there would be concerns about making the last known address of the deceased public, as the property is likely to be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased’s personal papers and effects. There is also a continuing risk after the estate has been secured of, for example, identity theft. Taking into account the above issues, the council considers that there is no over-riding public interest in releasing the information requested. Any public interest would be best served by upholding the exemption under Section 31 of the Act as disclosure of the information would be likely to prejudice the prevention of crime by enabling