Pleasure boat licence conditions

A list of conditions subject to which the pleasure boat licence is granted.


  1. The number of passengers carried in the boat shall not exceed 12
  2. The owner of the boat shall paint, in letters and figures not less than one inch in height and three quarters of an inch in breadth, on a conspicuous part of the said boat, the name or number of the boat, his own name and also the number of persons which it is licensed to carry, in the form “Licensed to Carry 12 persons”
  3. The operator of the boat must be in possession of a current Department of Transport Boatman’s Licence
  4. The licence holder must hold a current insurance policy providing passenger and third party liability insurance cover. The amount of cover and conditions of the insurance to meet with the approval of the Council
  5. The boat shall be maintained in a sound, clean fit and stable condition and the equipment thereof complete and in good repair
  6. The boat shall at all times when carrying passengers be provided with the safety equipment as listed below, such equipment to be kept in good condition and immediately available for use
  7. During the period of this licence such licence may be suspended or revoked by the Council whenever they deem such suspension or revocation to be desirable in the interests of the public. It shall be lawful for the Council to suspend or revoke the licence in the case of the breach, non­-observance or non-­performance of any conditions of the licence, or of any Bylaws or Regulations as may be made under any Act of Parliament relating to pleasure boats
  8. The Council reserve the right to have the boat and machinery examined and inspected at any time and if, in the opinion of the Officer making such inspection, the boat or machinery is not in good condition it shall be lawful for the Council to revoke the licence.

Safety equipment

The boat shall be provided with

  • a life­line attached and looped along each side of the boat so that a person in the water is able to hold on.
  • 2 life buoys, one with 10 metres of buoyant line attached;
  • 1 fire extinguisher (minimum size 1 kg dry powder);
  • 1 bucket for bailing out; 2 x paddles;
  • 1 anchor and 15 metres of 13mm diameter rope attached;
  • 1 tow rope, 12 metres of 13mm.
  • Individual life jackets should be provided if requested by passengers. A notice should be displayed at the landing stage stating that life jackets are available on request