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Council blitz littering on major highway problem zones

Litter problem zone

09 Mar 2020

Horsham District Council launched a major crackdown on highways littering recently by using dedicated teams in a series of clear-up operations on the District’s roadsides.

The Council currently faces an ongoing battle with litter being strewn on the roadside by passing vehicles across the Horsham District.

The appearance of litter on roadsides is a blight on our environment and its clearance currently costs local taxpayers some £100,500 a year. This particular operation which addressed litter on the A24/A264 bypass over five days and cost £9,133.32.

Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Recycling and Waste Cllr Philip Circus commented:

“We launched this crackdown in the worst hit areas as such a shocking amount of litter has been dumped along these roadsides recently.

“I believe that most of us want to live in a clean and tidy district, so I would ask people to think carefully about what they do with their litter.

“I would also remind people that they could face significant fines if our enforcement teams find them continuing to dump litter in this way.”

Littering is a crime which not only causes a terrible eyesore for people, but also damages the environment and leaves tax payers out of pocket, which is not acceptable.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Recycling and Waste Cllr Philip Circus

Billboards are set to be installed on roadsides to remind people of the fines they could face.

The fines range from fixed penalty notices of £75 for dropping litter and up to £2500 for fly tipping.

The Council asks that if road users or members of the public spot offenders littering or fly tipping they should report incidents to them by going to its website or alternatively, supply the Council with Dash Cam footage where possible.

If you spot it, please report it either on our website or by calling 01403 733144.

For media queries please email