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Council stresses the important of thoroughly cooking food - product recall

24 Feb 2021

As a result of a recent safety alert issued by the Food Standard Agency regarding the presence of Salmonella in breaded chicken products, Horsham District Council is reminding the public of the importance of always following food manufacturers’ cooking instructions.

It is critical that raw food is thoroughly cooked in order to kill any food poisoning bacteria that it may contain, leaving it safe to eat.  Following any cooking instructions on the food’s packaging is important, as it is not always clear if the product is raw or may have been cooked at the factory, particularly with some processed foods, as appears to be the case with the current outbreak.

The Food Standard Agency has made reference to a significant amount of people contracting Salmonella infections linked to the consumption of the popular SFC brand fried chicken products available in many supermarkets.  A number of deaths have potentially been linked to this outbreak.

The products affected are SFC branded Chicken Poppets with best before date of the 24 September 2021 (batch codes L15520 & L13720), 31 October 2021 (L13720) and 28 February 2022 (PKW008A); and the Take Home Boneless Bucket dated 28 November 2021 (L19720).

It should always be assumed that food which gives cooking instructions on its packaging should be cooked thoroughly to ensure it is free from bacteria when eaten.  Ensuring that food is thoroughly cooked and piping-hot all the way through is the last line of defence from any bacteria that may be inside.

Customers who may have purchased any of the affected products should not consume them but return them to the store from which they were bought for a full refund. Alternatively, customers can email a photo of the product packaging, clearly showing the batch code information printed on the inner bag of the products, to for a refund and then safely dispose of the food and packaging at home.

Further information can be found by contacting the Council’s Environmental Health & Licensing team on 01403 215 100 or by emailing