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Council cracks down on litter and fly-tipping

Fly tipping on the side of the road

12 Apr 2021

Horsham District Council has launched a major crackdown on highways littering by introducing new technology and recording equipment in key areas.

The Council currently faces an ongoing battle with litter being strewn on the roadsides across the Horsham District and an increase in the incidences of fly-tipping.

The appearance of litter on roadsides is a blight on our environment and its clearance currently costs local taxpayers around £100,000 a year.

Having the power to take enforcement action, the Council has now decided to undertake filming activity which will see the use of camera footage in order to catch culprits, enabling it to issue Fixed Penalty Notices or to prosecute dependent upon the offence committed, which could lead to up to five years in prison and/or unlimited fines.

Littering is a crime which not only causes a terrible eyesore for people, but damages the environment and leaves tax payers out of pocket, which is not acceptable.

The crackdown is being launched in worst hit areas to catch those responsible and carry out robust enforcement to prevent littering in the future.

The Council also asks that if road users or members of the public spot offenders littering or fly tipping they should report incidents to them by going to the Council’s website or alternatively supply the Council with camera footage where possible.

If you spot it, please report it using the button below or by calling 01403 733144.

Report fly tipping