New Council Leader announces Cabinet Members for Horsham District

08 Dec 2021

At an Extraordinary Council meeting of Horsham District Council last week Cllr Jonathan Chowen was appointed the new Leader of the Council.

Cllr Chowen has subsequently made a series of Cabinet Member appointments.

Commenting on the appointments he said:

“I do not think anyone can now deny that the environment will be the dominating issue over the next ten years, as we try to hit carbon reduction targets and save our planet to safeguard our way of life.  That’s why our team will be putting the environment at the top of our agenda.

“My first cabinet appointment will reflect that ambition.  I have asked Cllr James Wright to be Cabinet Member for Environment and Rural affairs.   He is a young farmer who is passionate about our environment.

“Waste and Recycling will be led by Cllr Toni Bradnum who is equally passionate about the subject.

“It’s important that Horsham town has its own Cabinet Member and Cllr Christian Mitchell is the ideal person to champion the town – just as James Wright will champion the rural areas.

“Cllr Roger Noel who has done a sterling job with Leisure and Culture, will work closely with James on our “Wilder Horsham District” project in conjunction with Sussex Wildlife Trust.

“Cllr Tricia Youtan will continue with her highly valued work with Housing & Public Protection.

“She will joined by the widely experienced Cllr Liz Kitchen as Cabinet Member for Community Matters, with a particular focus on mental health.

“Cllr Lynn Lambert will continue to lead us along the complicated path of Planning and Development, where she has shown such a grasp of this most challenging portfolio.  Lynn will be ably supported by  Cllr Karen Burgess of Planning Committee North and Cllr Tim Lloyd of Planning Committee South, who will bring their extensive knowledge and experience to Leader meetings with the Cabinet.

“I am also pleased that successful businessman and entrepreneur, Cllr Tony Hogben has agreed to taken on the burden of finance and be Deputy Leader.

“I will personally retain the portfolios of Property and Economic Development for the time being.

“We now have leadership and a new team in place, with a clear vision, ready for the job ahead.”