Jubilee Green Canopy trees arrive

Published: 11 Nov 2022

Cllr Roger Noel standing in front of a collection of Queen's Green Canopy tree plants

As part of Her Late Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee commemorations, Horsham District Council took part in a series of events to mark the historic occasion. One of the first of these events was the Queen’s Green Canopy – a unique tree planting initiative which invited people nationally to “Plant a tree for the Jubilee”.

The Council has provided funds and resources to enable trees to be planted across the Horsham District by Parish and Neighbourhood Councils, a project organised by its Parks and Countryside team.

Some 25 trees have been provided with Parish and Neighbourhood Councils encouraged to select the type of tree they wish to plant from a selection of Oak, Beech, Magnolia, Mulberry and Birch. Further trees will also be planted across council-owned sites.

Some initial plantings took place back in March but the bulk of the trees will be planted from October through to March next year which is the best season for planting.

Commenting on the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture Cllr Roger Noel said:

I am delighted that we can support so many different Parish and Neighbourhood Councils in planting a tree for the Jubilee. It seems particularly poignant now that Her Majesty has sadly passed away.

When these trees become mature, their enduring presence will create a beautiful vision for our District, will leave a lasting legacy of our late Queen, and will benefit future generations.

Register your planted tree(s) on the Queen's Green Canopy national map

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