Views sought on workspace needs for the future

Published: 15 May 2023

Horsham District business needs survey

Horsham District Council and business partners want to hear from local businesses and entrepreneurs about their commercial workspace needs in order to inform their provision of business support in the future.

All businesses are being asked to complete a new online survey to gather their needs, whether they are remaining the same size, expanding, or reducing their operations. Every business participant has the chance to win a free team building escape room experience hosted by Horsham-based Major Mindgames.

Complete the survey

A Horsham District Council spokesman commented:

There is so much anecdotal evidence of changes in businesses space needs since the pandemic that we realise we need to better understand more detailed needs to help us shape the economic development support services we offer going forward.

The Business Space Needs Survey has been designed to be appropriate whatever your current business situation; whether you are outgrowing your current accommodation, consolidating owing to remote working, needing to upgrade your premises to retain staff, or are looking to switch into more flexible arrangements.

The survey asks generic questions then splits into different sets of tailored questions according to your forecast needs over the next three years. We would encourage as many of you as possible to access the survey and have your say.

All survey data will be anonymised for analysis of trends but opportunities are given for businesses to identify specific needs they would like help with. With limited allocations of new build business land in the District, the Council has reached out to local developers Muse and L&G Cala to ensure that the data gathered can contribute to their development plans and aspirations.

The trend towards greater use and availability of business space on more flexible terms has already led to the creation of a new online directory by Visit Horsham in collaboration with the Council’s Economic Development team, and the survey has a section that specifically looks to understand the scale and nature of this demand.

By its nature the survey, asks some quite detailed questions, but most answer sets can be completed in less than 10 minutes. In appreciation of your time spent, the Council has partnered with Major Mindgames of Horsham to give those who complete the survey the chance to win one of four free ‘Team Building Escape Room Experiences’, chosen at random from those received every fortnight. The survey will run from 15 May until it has achieved an optimum number of responses.

This need for updated information has also been recognised by a number of business partners that have an interest in local business needs. Developers Muse Places - Larksfield Place (ex-Novartis site) and L&G/Cala - Mowbray West Sussex (North Horsham) both have significant approved sites in Horsham and Freedom Works is a regional flexible business operator. Visit Horsham, in partnership with the Council, have recently launched a directory of local flexible business spaces, and the University of Brighton have recognised the significance of the data the survey could provide.

A glass-walled office space