Council shares advice on Listeriosis risk from imported Enoki mushrooms

Published: 03 Nov 2023


Horsham District Council is responding to reports of Listeriosis linked to the consumption of Enoki mushrooms imported from various regions around the world.

Sometimes also labelled as Enokitake, they are tall white, thin-stemmed mushrooms which are often used in East Asian cuisine. Currently, the affected mushrooms imported from China, South Korea, Thailand, and other East and Southeast Asian countries are being closely examined due to finding high levels of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and are believed to have already caused outbreaks of the serious illness in the USA and Canada.

Although no cases linked to the mushrooms have currently been identified in the UK, the bacteria have been detected on them during enhanced sampling at border control ports.

Cabinet Member for Environmental Health, Recycling and Waste Cllr Jay Mercer, commented:

We are reminding our residents and catering establishments of the importance of hygienic handling of raw Enoki mushrooms to prevent the spread of Listeria to other products or surfaces. These ingredients should be stored in a refrigerator at below five degrees Celsius, as well as being thoroughly cooked before consumption unless any labelling clearly states that they are a ready-to-eat product.

Listeriosis is a disease that can cause illness in most people but is of particular concern to vulnerable groups such as pregnant women or immunocompromised individuals. Listeriosis can pose serious health risks, and these risks increase with age.

Further advice can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter, please contact Horsham District Council’s Environmental Health & Licensing team via or 01403 215100.