Extension to Hills Cemetery now complete

Published: 01 Mar 2024

Hills Cemetery

Horsham District Council Chairman Cllr David Skipp went along to Hills Cemetery, Horsham to view the new extension which is now complete.

The extension will accommodate an extra 500 burial plots and approximately 500 ashes burial plots.

The Cemetery team are hosting an open afternoon on Saturday 23 March from 12noon to 3pm where members of the public are invited to come along for the opportunity to search the cemetery archives and tour the grounds. Refreshments will be served.

Please confirm your attendance by emailing parks@horsham.gov.uk .

Located off the Guildford Road in Horsham, Hills Cemetery has been the principal cemetery for the town since opening in 1900.

The extension also includes a new hard surface access road, connecting to the existing cemetery road network, the installation of a hard surface path for pedestrian access and a sympathetic planting and landscaping scheme which is in keeping with the existing cemetery ground, whilst providing privacy for neighbouring residents.