Report a parking problem

Use this page to report a parking problem.

Illegally parked vehicle

Abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle to Sussex Police on the Operation Crackdown website.

Report to Operation Crackdown

Payment machine fault

Refund request

For refunds of on-street parking permits and car park tickets email

Health and safety issue at a car park

MiPermit issue

Our season tickets system is run by MiPermit. Contact MiPermit if you have a problem:

Autopay (Horsham Parking Portal) account query

Our Autopay system for automatic car park payment in Horsham Town Centre is run by Horsham Parking Portal.

Enforcement of parking regulations

Problem parking area

To report a problem parking area, such as an area around a school or busy road:

Defect in signage, lines or road markings

Misuse of permit or season ticket

Report any misuse of permits or season tickets to

Misuse of Blue Badge

If you think someone is using a Blue Badge illegally, report this to West Sussex County Council.

Report misuse of a Blue Badge