Horsham Town Local List

A local list is a list of buildings which are important to the historic local context, but not nationally important enough to be included on the statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest compiled by the Government. The Horsham town local list is made up of buildings with historic character or architectural associations which are particular to Horsham town.

The list includes a variety of buildings, including:

  • Buildings that use traditional materials and construction techniques
  • Local landmarks
  • Good examples of buildings by local architects
  • Buildings that are historically important to Horsham town
  • Buildings that contribute positively to the street scene or have a distinctive character or identity

View the Horsham town local list

We recognise that historic buildings form an important part of our heritage, improving our quality of life by adding to the character, identity and historic culture of our towns and countryside. They illustrate both history and architecture, reinforce local distinctiveness and promote a sense of place.

View the Horsham Town Local List

What are the criteria to be included on the local list?

Buildings are eligible for local list status if they do not have a national designation, such as being a statutory listed building, scheduled ancient monument, or within a conservation area.

They must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Local architectural and/or historic interest
  • Close historical associations with national or locally important historic figures
  • Group value and/or contributes significant interest in the street scene
  • Of pre- World War II construction – however those built after this date may qualify in exceptional circumstances.

The geographical area represented in this list is Horsham Town, defined specifically as the area within the boundaries of Denne, Trafalgar and Forest neighbourhoods, and the urban area of North Horsham parish, to the south of the A264.

How does being on the local list affect planning applications?

The inclusion of a building on the list is a material planning consideration when determining an application that affects a building on the list or its setting.

The designation is reflected as a local land charge and identified as a constraint for planning purposes. However, permitted development remains unchanged.