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Billingshurst neighbourhood planning

Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Independent examiner Andrew Ashcroft has produced his report into the examination of the Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan. A decision statement was published on the 14 December 2020.

Decision Statement

Billingshurst Decision Statement (14 December 2020)

Examiner's Report

Examiner's Report (11 November 2020)

Examination Statements

Billingshurst Parish Council Response to the Examiner's Clarification Note (20 October 2020)

HDC Response to the Examiner's Clarification Note (20 October 2020)

West Sussex County Council Response to the Examiner's Clarification Note (20 October 2020)

Examiner's Clarification Note 29 September 2020

All representations have been redacted where appropriate to ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation.

Representations (Statutory Representations)

Ref 1 Savllis (Part I)

Ref 1 Savillis (Part 2)

Ref 1 Savillis (Part 3)

Ref 2 Barton Willmore

Ref 3 Armstrong Rigg

Ref 4 Turley Associates

Ref 5 JWPC

Ref 6 CPA Properties

Ref 7 Woodland Trust

Ref 8 McConnell Planning

Ref 9 Historic England

Ref 10 Environment Agency

Ref 11 West Sussex County Council

Ref 12 Hallam Land Management

Ref 13 White Young Green

Ref 14 Southern Water

Ref 15 Network Rail

Ref 16 Waverley Borough Council

Ref 17 Natural England

Ref 18 West Sussex County Council (Estates Department)

Ref 19 Surrey CC

Ref 20 Sport England

Ref 21 UK Power Networks

Ref 22 HDC

Representations (Individuals)

Ref 1 Individual

Ref 2 Individual

Ref 3 Individual

Ref 4 Individual

Ref 5 Individual

Ref 6 Individual

Ref 7 Individual

Ref 8 Individual

Ref 9 Individual

Ref 10 Individual

Ref 11 Individual

Ref 12 Individual

Ref 13 Individual

Ref 14 Individual

Ref 15 Individual

Ref 16 Individual

Ref 17 Individual

Ref 18 Individual

Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16)

The submission draft Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan  for the Regulation 16 consultation. The consultation ran from 5pm Wednesday 17 June for 8 weeks concluding midnight on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

Click here to view the Billingshurst Neighbourhood Submission draft plan and accompanying documents.

Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14)

Billingshurst parish Neighbourhood Plan area has been Designated, and the Draft plan was put out for consultation from 1 August to 29 September 2019.

Read the Draft plan and consultation information

Area approval

The Billingshurst Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on 30 December 2015.

Designation documents


Under Regulation 5 and 6, the Billingshurst area application was put out for consultation from November 10 to December 22 2015.

Application documents