Landscape Requirements Advice

Last updated September 2018


1. Landscape Masterplan

Showing the layout, character, structure and types of proposed planting, indicative planting list, details
of all existing and proposed boundary treatments, details of all existing and proposed hard landscape
including hard standing / parking areas.

2. Landscape Levels Plan

For proposals or other such proposals requiring earth grading and moving, including bunds or SuDS

  • Existing and proposed site sections (at scale 1:100/1:200/1:500)
  • Existing and proposed contour plan (at scale 1:100/1:200/1:500)
  • Existing and proposed profile (soil/spoil) drawing (at scale 1:50/1:100/1:200)

3. Hard and Soft Landscape Plan

The applicant is advised that full details of the hard and soft landscape works include the provision of, but shall not be necessarily limited to:

  • Details of existing and proposed levels for all external earthworks associated with the landscape proposals (including SuDS). Such details to include cross sections where necessary and their relationship to adjoining surfaces.
  • A general arrangement plan to include existing trees and hedgerows to be removed, those to be retained and details of proposed new trees and hedgerows.
  • All planting and seeding should be illustrated on plan accompanied by schedules specifying species, planting size, densities and plant numbers.
  • Tree pit and staking / underground guying details.
  • Hard surfacing materials - layout, colour, size, texture, coursing, levels.
  • Walls, steps, fencing, gates, railings or other supporting structures - location, type, heights and materials.
  • Minor artefacts and structures - location and type of street furniture, play equipment, refuse and other storage units, lighting columns and lanterns.

4. Co-ordinated Landscape and Utilities Plan

A Landscape Plan showing the co-ordination between existing and proposed landscape in relation to
utilities and underground services.

Supporting Documents

Landscape Specification Document

A hard and soft NBS landscape specification document, including ground preparation, cultivation and other operations associated with plant and grass establishment.

Landscape Management and Maintenance Plan

A Landscape Management and Maintenance Plan is a site-specific strategy that demonstrates how the site will be managed and maintained in order to fulfill the original intentions of the applicant. It guarantees that the scheme and the retained landscape and ecology structures are maintained and improved for the lifetime of the development.