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Kilnwood Vale Phase 3DEFG public inquiry: 11-18 March 2024

Reason for inquiry

Planning appeal by Crest Nicholson Operations Limited in respect of:-

Ref: DC/23/0856 – Reserved Matters approval sought for Layout, Appearance, Landscaping, Scale and Access (in accordance with DC/15/2813) for Phase 3DEFG of the Kilnwood Vale development, comprising 280 dwellings with associated landscaping, access and parking

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold an Inquiry opening on 11th March 2024 to decide the appeal.

Session times and location




Monday 11th March 2024

Start 12:00 noon

Roffey Millennium Hall

Tuesday 12th March 2024

Start 10:00am

Roffey Millennium Hall

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Start 10:00am

Roffey Millennium Hall

Thursday 14th March 2024

Start 10:00am

Roffey Millennium Hall

Friday 15th March 2024

Start 10:00am

Roffey Millennium Hall

Monday 18th March 2024

Start 10:00am

Online using Microsoft Teams

The detailed pre-inquiry programme/agenda is available at the following link (

Sessions at Roffey Millennium Hall

Most sessions will be held at Roffey Millennium Hall, Crawley Way, Roffey, Horsham, RH12 4DT. These will be held in-person only - it will not be possible to watch online.

The venue is fully accessible. For more information see

Virtual session on 18 March

Monday 18 March is being kept as a reserve date for closing statements. This session (if needed) will be held online using Microsoft Teams. Members of the public may join the online meeting to watch. Please join at around 9:50am, before the session starts at 10:00am.

To join the meeting, visit the following website in your web browser:

Enter the Meeting ID: 312 481 520 893 and Passcode: HF4BGE

Alternatively, you can join in a telephone call (audio only). Call 020 4534 2864 from any phone and enter conference number ID 292 018 335#. You will not be charged for the call.

Attendance information

Members of the public may attend the inquiry and, at the Inspector’s discretion, express their views. You do not need to register, you can just turn up.

Before deciding whether to take an active part in the inquiry, you need to think carefully about the points you wish to make. All written submissions from the initial application and subsequent appeal stage will be available to the Inspector and considered in their determination. Re-stating the same points made within previous written submissions will not add further weight. There will not be a facility for interested parties to participate virtually. If you do intend to make further representations you will be required to attend the inquiry in person.

If you want to take an active part but feel unable to for any reason, and/or the points you want to make are not covered in the evidence of others, consider whether someone else could raise them on your behalf.

Planning Inspectorate Case Officer:

Holly Dutton, Tel: 0303 444 5022 Email:

Case documents

View all documentation relating to the Kilnwood Vale planning application (ref: DC/23/0856)

View all core documents relevant to the Kilnwood Vale inquiry here