Community sport groups and clubs

There is a wide variety of community sports groups and clubs in the Horsham District, meaning there’s something for everyone, from Aikido to Zumba.

Find out about sports activities near you using a simple Google search, or visit BBC Get Inspired for a list of club finder tools.

The NHS provide a list of sport and fitness services across the UK. Visit the NHS website and search with your postcode to find sport and fitness services in your area.

Get help setting a community sports group or club

Active Sussex supports sports organisations across Sussex by providing advice on club accreditation and development, including funding support, resources, accreditation and training.

Club Matters is Sport England's one stop shop for sports clubs, groups and organisations involved in the delivery of physical activity and sport. They provides free, convenient, practical resources to help organisations to develop, grow, and become more sustainable and successful.

Why are community sports groups and clubs important?

Sport and physical activity plays an essential role in helping the Council to achieve a wide range of objectives in relation to health, employment, social inclusion, regeneration, community safety, crime reduction, lifelong learning and health improvement.

We work with community sport groups and clubs to increase the quantity and quality of sport and active recreation opportunities available to everyone in the Horsham District. Our aim is to increase the number and quality of volunteers, coaches and clubs and deliver new projects through joint investment with other public and private sector partners.

Find out more about the importance of sport in the Council’s sport and physical activity strategy.