Order bins for a housing development

If you are the housing manager or developer for any number of flats or 5 or more houses, please get in touch with us as early as possible to organise household bins for your properties.

If the development is fewer than 5 houses, you can order the bins directly through our Order a bin page

Make an enquiry

Click the button below to complete our PDF form. You will be asked to confirm a few details about the development and the best contact details for you.

Please photograph or scan and email the form to hop.oast.admin@horsham.gov.uk

Enquire now

Payment and delivery

After you enquire, a zonal manager will be in touch to assess the bin requirements and arrange a site visit if needed.

Once your bin order has been confirmed, we will send an invoice to the developer for the full site order.

Once the invoice has been paid, we will work with you to deliver the bins when you need them, allowing for any stock lead times.

If you require multiple deliveries we can work with you on an expected timetable based on how many bins you require, what kind of bins you require and when you expect to need the bins. This helps us to ensure that we have sufficient stock when you call your order off so we can deliver your bins to you quicker.


For further details on how we supply bulk orders of bins, please read our Supply of bulk and wheeled bins for housing developments policy

Get in touch

If you have any questions about ordering bins for a housing development, please email hop.oast.admin@horsham.gov.uk