Book a site inspection

Once your application has been registered and we have received your payment, you'll be able to book your site inspection.

There are three ways to book a site inspection:

  • The quickest and easiest way to book an inspection is by downloading the LABC site inspection app available for Apple and Android phones. Select Sussex Building Control from the drop-down list of local authorities when booking.
  • Email:
  • Call us Monday to Friday on: 01403 215151 - contact us by 5pm for an inspection the next working day.

If you request an inspection before 10.00am, we'll aim to carry this out on the same day.

It's important that you, your agent or your builder tell us when work on your site reaches each of the statutory stages below so we can inspect. In most cases, you need to give a day's notice. Some inspections (such as occupation and completion inspections) need five days' notice.

Site inspections are the same for full plans applications and building notices.  Please be assured that once your application is accepted, we'll provide you with an inspection plan, setting out the number and type of inspections relevant to your project.

Statutory Site inspections

Stage of work Notice required More information


2 days

This can be done by phone, email or in person.  It's a good opportunity to discuss the project and check the site is as shown and any conditions associated with the works.

Foundation excavations before concreting

1 day

This ensures that the ground is satisfactory. We'll consider the load bearing capacity of the ground, proximity of drain runs and manholes, the depth of any existing foundations and any trees close by. We may visit more than once.

Oversite before concreting

1 day

We'll check if you've made good preparations and make sure the damp proof membrane overlaps with the damp proof course - check Radon protection if necessary.

Before covering the damp proof course
and/or membrane

1 day

We check the course has been laid correctly and that it's the right height.

Laying drains (before covering drains/sewers)

1 day

We check all access, cleaning, and rodding points. We advise you test the drains before backfilling.

Testing drains for water tightness

1 day

You should use an air or water test for above and below ground drainage (and all fittings).

Before occupation

5 days



5 days

Let us know you have completed your project. It's in your interest as many items can be checked at this stage, such as: fire precautions and requirements, ventilation to rooms and roof voids, waste details, roof coverings and insulation, staircase details and safety glazing. We need to make this inspection to issue your Building Regulations Completion Certificate

Additional Site Inspection Notification

We also welcome notice of the following stages of work.

Stages of work at which we would appreciate notification

Stage of work

Notice required

More information

Before covering floor joists or structure

1 day


Before covering steel work or reinforcement

1 day


Before covering insulation

1 day

We check thermal, fire and sound insulation.

Before covering the roof

1 day


Before covering new electrical work

1 day

Only needed if the worker was not registered
with an authorised part P competent persons

Once electrical installation is complete

2 weeks

Only needed if the worker was not registered
with an authorised part P competent persons
scheme. After the installation, give notice so
it can be inspected and the work tested.

Once someone registered with an
authorised Part P competent
persons scheme has finished
electrical safety tests


We need a competent person to issue a Building
Regulation Compliance Certificate within 30
days of the installation.

Starting work and Notice of commencement

Building Control must be notified when you start work on site in order for us to carry out the necessary inspections.  (Start of work stage)

There is now an additional stage where Building Control must be notified.

For complex buildings - Foundations are constructed, and the structure of the lowest floor level is complete

For new buildings and horizontal extensions - Sub surface of the building or the extension including all foundations and the  structure of the ground floor level is completed.

For all other works - Constructed 15% of the overall work.

Completion certificate

The certificate can only be issued on satisfactory completion once:

  • all the relevant inspections have been carried out, any remedial works completed and where necessary re-inspected and accepted as satisfactory
  • any additional inspections requested by your surveyor during the period of construction are satisfactory
  • approval has been issued on a full plans application

A completion certificate is your proof that building work has been inspected by building control and is safe. You need to keep it in a safe place as you’ll need it if you ever sell or remortgage your home.

Guidance - helpful pointers

Site inspections are explained on the LABC Frontdoor website

Statutory Site inspections

Stages of work at which you need to arrange a site inspection
Stages of work at which you need to arrange a site inspection