Apply for a demolition notice

Our demolition management service helps ensure that buildings are demolished safely. When we receive a Demolition Notice from a contractor, we send them a list of requirements detailing how the demolition should be carried out. This includes:

  • the weathering and shoring of adjacent buildings
  • a ban on the burning of any materials on site
  • a requirement to minimise the effect on adjoining properties
  • a requirement for them to ensure the site is safe and secure

Buildings cannot be demolished without a demolition notice. We must ensure that the relevant conditions are being complied with.

This service is free of charge. The easiest way to apply is online using our online application form.

Apply online

Apply by email or post

To apply for a demolition notice by email or post, please complete the following steps:

Application form

Do I need planning permission?

You may also need planning permission for your proposed work, especially if the building is listed or within a conservation area

Please contact for properties in Horsham or for Crawley to discuss your plans.