New Building Regulations from June 2022

From 15 June 2022 there will be significant changes to building regulations for new homes, extensions, existing buildings and non-domestic buildings. New homes and buildings in England will have to produce significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) under new rules.

Under the new regulations, CO2 emissions from new build homes must be around 30% lower than current standards and emissions from other new buildings, including offices and shops, must be reduced by 27%.

Applications made before 15 June 2022

If a building notice or full plans are submitted before 15 June 2022, they will still be considered under the previous regulations, provided building work starts before 15 June 2023.

For new housing developments that gained planning permission under the old regulations, work must have been started on a unit by 15 June 2023 or the new regulations will apply.

For work that falls under these new regulations, but are not subject to notices or applications, there are no transitional arrangements. This means the new rules must be followed from 15 June 2022.

Guidance for applications made after 15 June 2022

We have produced two guides to help explain the changes.

Guidance to the new regulations for new dwellings

Guidance to the new regulations for extensions and alterations

New approved documents

Alongside amendments to the Building Regulations, the government have published 5 new Approved Documents on GOV.UK:

Part L looks at the energy efficiency of properties, part F looks to improve ventilation and part O looks to ensure buildings don’t overheat.