Building regulations advice service

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified surveyors will work closely with you on a project from conception to completion to help you create buildings that comply with the building regulations.

We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Our approach ensures that you receive relevant and timely advice throughout the life of your project.

Pre-application advice and consultation

As projects become more technical and complex the real value of employing us is the advice we provide at pre-application stage. We offer:

  • Free advice at the early stages of your project or bid.
  • A single point of contact so that you have consistent interpretation of the regulations and a good working relationship with us
  • A review of your plans and fire strategy (if appropriate) and a consultation with the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Design advice on Building Regulation issues, which helps you avoid hidden or costly Building Regulation issues later on in the process
  • Technical advice from well trained, qualified and experienced surveyors
  • Competitive fees based on your needs and the technical complexity/location of the project

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Plan checking and approval service

Our plan checking and approval service includes:

  • A full Building Regulation check and issue of Building Regulation approval notices
  • Attendance at design meetings
  • Consultation with your local Fire Service
  • Building regulation design advice
  • Structural checks by our own 'In-house' engineers

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Site inspection service

We provide a site inspections programme that meets your needs. This means:

  • The visits are at the appropriate intensity and frequency for your project
  • We take into account the complexity of your project
  • The fees match the level of service you require
  • Our local team can visit your site when needed

Please visit the LABC website to download a brochure.